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Adoption, the Right Way

The Story

If you are looking to get the best puppy for the lowest price because you don’t want to pay alot for him| her, you should probably rethink your plans.  If that sounds harsh, it is intended to be.  When it comes to cost control, it shouldn’t be.  If you cannot afford the initial investment, then rethink your decision to adopt.  Adoption of a puppy and the initial investment can be quite costly. If you are looking for a puppy and don’t want to pay over $1000 for it, then maybe wait and adopt at a time where money is not quite an issue.  Let me explain and then you may look at what I said a little differently.  Let’s say you are looking for a Cocker Spaniel, one without a health issue, clean breeder and a healthy past history meaning the pedigree 3 generations back, you will be paying over $1500 to upward of $2000 easily.  That is just for the breeder taking time to birth healthy puppies.  It is a lot of work to create, deliver happy, healthy and well-tempered puppies.  It’s only when care, patience and time are devoted to the process, the breeder will deliver amazing dogs with amazing temperaments with less euthanasia and fewer veterinarian visits.

When I began my search for a healthy puppy, my goal was different.  I was looking for a puppy to breed later in her life.  As I began my search, I called around my area and one lady I spoke to charged $700-$800 for a Cockapoo.  She was older and I didn’t want to adopt from her because I knew she probably is breeding more than a few times per year with the same female.  I thanked her and moved on. Remember, the less it costs you in the beginning, the more it will cost you, in the end.   It may cost the dog his|her life, as it did my beautiful chocolate cockapoo which I still miss dearly to this day.  Her life should never have ended the way it did and I attributed it to the Dam and Sire from the farm I purchased her at.


Remember, the less it costs you in the beginning, the more it will cost you in the end

Checklist for adopting a healthy puppy | The top five

Adopting a puppy can be a very overwhelming decision.  Just so you know, it doesn’t have to be.  Being prepared will help you adjust faster so you and your puppy can be a happy partnership.  Listed below are five of the most important steps that you as a responsible pet owner needs to establish.

  1. Talk as a Family.  Being on the same page is crucial for happiness between you and your new family member.  Remember, they can feel your love or your dislike for them.  Puppies are sensitive to how people react, so make sure everyone is happy with the decision.  They will be with you for a very long time.
  2. Look at your finances.  There is more to than the adoption cost.  There is the nutrition, grooming and healthcare costs.  Some dogs are prone to health issues and have specific grooming practices.  For instance, my cocker spaniel needs professional grooming each month to keep her from tangles.  Some dogs are prone to genetic problems such as eyes and heart.  That’s where nutrition plays a key role.  Some breeds need special diets to maintain eyes, joints, and heart, keeping them at their optimum health.  Those diets can be significantly more expensive, so bear that in mind when choosing a family member.
  3. Consider the Health of other family members. Besides the health of your potential pet, what are your health issues?  Look back at your interactions with dogs in the past.  When you enter the room do you begin to sneeze and your eyes water?.  Well, you may be suffering from allergies to that particular animal.  This can be a potential problem for both you and that breed of animal, so keep that in mind when carefully choosing your future family member.
  4. Visit the dog you are interested in. The dog you are interested in may be perfect in theory but in real life, he or she may not be the right fit for you and your family.  Make arrangements to visit the dog you are interested in adopting.  This will alleviate any disappointment when the dog is not a good addition to your family.  This will also help with the anxiety that the animal may face if they have to leave the comfort of your home.  They feel the sadness as you do and being removed from his|her surroundings may cause problems being readopted into a new home.
  5. Discuss the commitment to adopting a new family member.  Now that we are connected to the animal world better,  most of us understand the importance of good nutrition and that breeding practices have vastly improved, dogs are living longer sometimes upwards into their 18’s and 19’s, the discussion of commitment must come up.  The whole family needs to be on the same page and on board with a full commitment to the new family member.  I can not stress this enough.  Everyone must be on board.  Another important note, do not adopt during the holidays.  We have all seen that commerical where the puppy has a red bow around its neck and the family wakes up to that beautiful labrador retriever puppy and the world is perfect.  It’s something we all dream of, but it is not ideal or sustainable.  Recommendation: Wrap up some dog breed books along with a few toys and a certificate entitling you to one adorable puppy come spring or when you know the litter becomes available and then go together as a family to choose the perfect one.  This way you can guarantee the dog will be with the family until the end.

Proper Adoption Practices

Coco Chanel – adopted September 11, 2018 Chocolate Cocker Spaniel 8 weeks old

Now that we got the basics out of the way, there is a correct way to adopt a future family member, what to look for and red flags that will present themselves.  When you have adopted a few times, you begin to understand the process and what exactly is involved.    The first thing I want to mention is to take your time, I really mean to take your time.  Sometimes it cannot be avoided. If you want to rush the process, take a step back and a deep breath.  You cannot rush this at all.  Sometimes it takes weeks, months upwards to a year to locate the right one.    In order to adopt a healthy and sustainable puppy which will be part of your family for a long time, you need to be on the breeder list.  Especially if you have a specific need such as color or size you will have to get on the list. It is the only way you will be guaranteed an adoption.    This can be very challenging because you will be calling many that come up on your search and usually by the time you call them they are all spoken for.  This really only applies to very exceptional breeders, those that are known throughout the circles of what specific breed you are looking for.

When I began calling there were many that had plenty of puppies [these reviews were not the best]  and the good ones had all of the dogs spoken for.  I finally began asking if they know any breeders they recommend and through the process of asking questions, I located a breeder.  I call it “through the pipeline”, meaning that this breeder was referred one breeder back.  My breeder did not come up, but she was referred by another excellent one.    The woman that I began working with had a gentleman that was on her waiting list for over a year before he knew what color and size was going to be born.  The morning I contacted her the gentleman decided that he wanted a buff color and not a chocolate one.  The puppy was able to be adopted at that moment.  I gave her my credit card to put my deposit down for her.  Coco would have been adopted very quickly, but I knew what I wanted, the color, the sex of the animal and how big I wanted her to be.  What happened to me was very rare and will not always happen that way.   Of course, prior adoptions help in future adoptions.

Breeding List. Knowing how to approach the process is also very helpful and will cut down on how long it will take.  I knew that talking to breeders and discussing who they recommended is helpful when breeders have committed the litter to others.  if the litter is spoken for, and they know that they will have puppies that you are interested in, put a deposit down.  Tip:   Most breeders will keep your deposit even if you find another puppy with another breeder.  That is common practice and cannot be avoided.  It is usually posted on their website.  When I was searching for a puppy, a breeder of cockapoos offered to return my deposit if I found a cockapoo somewhere else.  I was very impressed with that.  Just understand that this is a business and though I find it a little sneaky, it is not against the rules.  It’s just how it is.


To you and your dog’s health